I believe that setting clear goals is important. By doing so it’s possible to keep sight of where one is going, even when the projects hit the rougher parts. I know this from experience, as someone who ran my own company with a couple of friends. At the start up, it was quite a struggle for us to make ends meet, and it took us a long time to reach a position where we could start paying salaries. However, we always kept our goal in sight as we worked toward the milestones we set up along the way there. In the end we created over 30 games and had them played over 48 million times.


Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Projektassistent och universitetsadjunkt
OCTOBER 2020 – NOW, Blekinge Sweden
So far my time at BTH have meant a great variation in the means of both teaching roles as well as teaching content and other assignments. I have been working as tutor, teacher, course coordinator, and examiner. On top of this I am also taking part of the constant discussion of course development as we need to keep up with the development of media technology. My width of experience from graphics to programming and UX have come in handy for a large number of courses in the same time as I am in a condition of constant learning new things to be able to apply it in my teaching. I have been teaching in courses reaching from Introduction to Media Technology to Bachelor Thesis in Media Technology.

DigitalTolk, Interpretation
JULY 2020 – OCTOBER 2020, Skåne Sweden
I am interpreting between Japanese and Swedish and also between English and Swedish. Most of my clients were from within the healthcare system.

Frogsong Studios, UI/UX Design
APRIL 2020 – JUNE 2020, Malmö Sweden
Fixed term employment for a game project. The work included making inventory of the UI of an existing game, evaluate it and create a new system for a re-make. The goal was to create a mockup of the new and scalable UI. I also got the oppurtunity to learn UE4 so that I could make an interactive demo.

h2works, Web and Application Development
JANUARY 2018 – OCTOBER 2019, Tokyo Japan
Web and application development meant a new direction for me. In addition to UI/UX design the work also includes programming, and in a short amount of time I have gotten the opportunity to create both web and smartphone applications, something that expanded my understanding of the needs in this area. I also got to take advantage of my experience of creating UI/UX for games.

Psykolog och Läkartjänst, Graphics and Game Design
JUNE 2012 – MARCH 2015, Karlshamn Sweden
We developed the series Minilobes for iPad, based on studies in psychology. By combining game design, art and science we were able to build fun and educational games for young children.

Spelgrim AB, 2D Graphics, Game Design
JUNE 2008 – JUNE 2010, Karlshamn Sweden
As the only graphical artist, I was responsible for everything between game graphics and branding. Starting up my own company with two friends really helped me grow as an artist, person, and entrepreneur.


Tokyo University of Technology, Research Student and Master
APRIL 2015 – MARCH 2018, Tokyo Japan
As a Japanese Government Scholarship Student, I took a master in Media Science. For my thesis, I created a database system with the purpose of evaluating material during production. The concept of the system was based on a series of movie analyses that also were performed. I also received Tokyo University of Technology President‘s Award.

Blekinge Institute of Technology, Bachelor
AUGUST 2005 – JUNE 2008, Karlshamn Sweden
My bachelor thesis in Media Science, with a focus on Digital Games, was to create an online massive single player game, where the game world evolved as the players explored it.


Adobe Animate
Adobe Character Animator
Adobe XD


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