I worked for two months at a game company where I mostly sat on a project for a client that I can’t name here. Even if I got good respone on the work, they vere not able to continue the project and my work remains as a playable mockup. The purpose of the mockup was to show how certain elements should look like and how everything works together which is why some parts are intentionaly left unfinished.

To be able to show display my work on the project, any graphics that can be connected to the project have been removed and I have replaced it with other graphics. Bottom left buttons are only for testing purposes.

Goal – Improve UX and UI for a PC game remake.

Background – Since the game was to be a remake of an already existing game UX and UI had to be mapped and evaluated. Current system led to much confusion and a request was made to create a new system whithout being too restricted by the design of the exicting one. I also took upon me to take mobile versions into consideration up until the mockup stage so to ensure scalability.

Excecution – Since there was a lack of documentation there was a need to map the current UX and UI elements of the game. The game had been made in different versions and an a first step these were mapped out using sketchboard. Theese were then used as a base to identify possible problems and to solve them by designing a new flow.

Basic flow. The focus was set to the character selection.
Details have been altered.

After designing the flow simple mockups where set up to see a basic view of UI elements and as a base for discussion. After some itterations, the next step was to come up with a new graphic profile and apply on the mockups.

Sketchboard mockups.
Details have been altered.

After having created mockups for everyting I got the oportunity to implement the graphics into UE4. It was my first time using the software but with a bit of help from internet and co-workers, I was able to create and animate an interactive UI.

As a final stage I got feedback on my work and after a bit of discussing went over the UI again polishing it up to look its best for the client.

Outcome – The intended game is quite a crazy one and I wanted to contrast this with a stylish but playful UI. While the visuals are kept simple the animations are used to put life into it with a cartoony feel to it. In the beginning I was only to make an animated mockup but in the end I was able to take it further and make it interactive which was over expectation.

Both my company and the client were happy with the results which in turn makes me happy as well.

Software – Sketchboard, Illustrator, UE4

Duration – About 1 month over a time of 1,5 months.